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The Ghent Group

The Ghent Group has been founded in 2004 by a group of European forensic psychiatrists as an informal association of colleagues coming from different countries and knowing each other from cooperation in clinical work as well as research. Their intention was to found an informal group relying on the input of its stakeholders and not being dependent on superordinate organizations. The purpose of the group is to increase the understanding of how expert assessments and clinical work in forensic psychiatry are embedded in the judicial and medical systems of the respective European countries and to provide a basis to communicate on a regular and continuous basis. The Ghent Group has annual meetings that take place in changing countries.

The Seminar

(Seminar on Forensic Psychiatry in Europe for consultants and experienced trainees)

The Ghent Group Summer Seminar has been founded in 2010. Its aim is to improve internationally coordinated training of experienced trainees and consultants in forensic psychiatry in Europe. A main focus of it was ab initio to bring together colleagues from forensic psychiatry from across Europe to work together on a specific topic for one week in a nice and beneficial environment. It is intended that thereby interpersonal bonds are created while immersing in a specific topic and understanding the differences between the national forensic psychiatric as well as the judicial systems with regard to the specific topic of the seminar. It is intended to not only theoretically think about treatment related and political issues regarding the respective topic but to get in-depth scientific input through talks by experts, apply previous and freshly acquired knowledge in small workgroups as well as role-play, and discuss nationally specific as well as international implications with experienced colleagues.

The Website

This website has been created in 2023 in order to provide a permanent basis for the participants of this year’s seminar to keep in touch. This will serve as a means to provide the possibility of a continuous exchange but also to inform past and prospective participants about future seminars and other putatively interesting meetings.

Some pages on this website have access restricted to registered participants so that people participating in e.g. discussion forums have a safe space to express their opinion within this group.

Please feel free to register for this website and to contribute to our forum. Colleagues interested in participating in the future are of course also invited to send a registration request via email to the webmaster of this site. We will happily integrate you.